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Merry Christmas!

24 Dec

Our final post of the year is a heartwarming (and nostalgic) reminder of Christmas morning one hundred years ago!

Christmas Morning, by W. C. Bauer (1880)

May you have a blessed, joy-filled holiday surrounded by all those you hold dear. Merry Christmas!


Happy Thanksgiving!

22 Nov

Wishing you a happy and blessed day of Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving and a New Free Read!

21 Nov

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and in honor of the day, we’re sharing one of Isabella’s short stories from 1891.

About the Story:

Little Nannie Walters simply wishes to dress her favorite doll in lace and linen; but she quickly learns there are consequences for little girls who take things that belong to others—a lesson that could ruin her Thanksgiving day plans.

Read it for free!

You can read “Nannie’s Thanksgiving” on your phone, ipad, Kindle, or other electronic device. Just click here to download your preferred format from

Or you can click here to read it as a PDF document on your computer screen. You can also print the story to share with friends.



The Story of the Revolution

4 Jul

Remember the Fallen

28 May

On this Memorial Day we remember the fallen and the sacrifices they—and their families—made for us.

Champions of the Union, 1865


Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb

Happy Thanksgiving and a New Free Read!

22 Nov

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and in honor of the day, we’re sharing one of Isabella’s short stories from 1894.

About the Story:

When Miss Florence Percival comes upon a kitten in the snow, she soon learns the kitten belongs to a girl named Hetty. It doesn’t take long for Florence to realize that Hetty is patiently bearing quite a few burdens. Poor Hetty lives with her very cross Aunt Jane who can’t say a kind word; and Hetty’s injured knee prevents Hetty from taking even a single step.

With Thanksgiving only days away Florence Percival wants to make a difference in Hetty’s life. And in the process, she just might be able to soften Aunt Jane, and find a cure for Hetty’s knee.

Just click on the cover to begin reading.

Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

This looks like fun! Have you ever been on a hay ride?


Happy Independence Day!

4 Jul

It’s National Sewing Machine Day

13 Jun

It’s National Sewing Machine Day in the USA—a day to celebrate the invention of one of the greatest time-saving devices in America.

From a 1917 magazine ad

If you’ve read any of Isabella’s books, you get a sense of how many women slaved over their sewing to keep their families in decent clothes; or how many women plied their needles 10 to 12 hours a day to earn a living. The sewing machine changed all that.

Dreaming of a new sewing machine. Advertisement by the New Home Sewing Machine Company

One hour of machine sewing produced the amount of work once accomplished by about 15 hours of hand sewing. That kind of statistic placed sewing machines in high demand.

Trade card from The Free Sewing Machine Company

And there were plenty of machines to choose from. Competing manufacturers helped keep prices down, so new machines they were affordable for most middle-class households.

The New Arrival. Undated trade card from New Home Sewing Machine Company

For those families who could not afford to purchase a machine out=right, some companies (like The Free Sewing Machine Company) allowed customers to purchase a machine on time. This was an innovative marketing ploy, since the concept of individuals purchasing on credit was largely unheard of in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The Sewing Party. An Undated trade card from Domestic Sewing Machine Company

The introduction of the sewing machine made a huge impact on how America produced clothing, bedding, linens, curtains and draperies . . . essentially, any fabric-based item that we wear or use in our homes and businesses.

You can see more images of sewing machines, including trade cards and magazine ads, on Isabella’s Pinterest board.  Click here to visit Pinterest.



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