Marcia Livingston Free Reads

In addition to fulfilling her duties as a minister’s wife, Marcia Macdonald Livingston wrote short stories for adults and children. She frequently contributed to The Pansy magazine and co-authored novels with her sister, Isabella Macdonald Alden. Her daughter was best-selling Christian novelist Grace Livingston Hill.

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Spring Blossoms and Tenths

Ruth’s mite box is empty! She has only three weeks to earn the pennies needed to fill her offering box for missionary work–but how? It seems like a hopeless situation until her dear grandmother helps Ruth realize God has already provided and answer to her problem.

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Cover for The Wife's Dilemma

The Wife’s Dilemma

Newlywed Dora Avery is educated in math and science, and speaks several languages; but she’s never learned the art of keeping house. Every dish she sets before her new husband is either burnt or sour. Before long Dora realizes that all her logical plans and recipe books won’t fill her husband’s empty stomach! She must hire an experienced cook or learn the proper way to prepare meals herself. But how?

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Miss Whitaker’s Blankets

In the “Season of Giving” Miss Rachel Whitaker is no stranger to charitable causes. She’s a good Christian woman who faithfully donates to her church and mission boards, like her parents did before her. But when she is confronted by someone in need on her own doorstep, will she answer the call?

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Sunday Fractures

One lovely Sabbath morning the Reverend Dr. Selmser delivers an earnest, heart-felt sermon and hopes his message touches the hearts of all who hear it. But there’s mischief afoot in the congregation. Some members of his church refuse to believe he was talking to them. But one church member, with a touch of guilt in her heart, takes exception to the minister’s sermon and exacts revenge, never dreaming her actions may tear the church apart.

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My Aunt Katherine

When Miss Esther Harlowe decides to visit the residents of a nearly Old Ladies’ Home, she only wants to bring a little bit of cheer to the residents’ lives. But when she meets Katherine Lyman, she feels an instant bond with the elderly Christian woman. Soon Esther looks forward to their visits just as much as Katherine does, and Esther quickly discovers that under Katherine’s guidance, her life will never be the same again!

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