Faye Huntington Free Reads

Faye Huntington was the nom de plume of Theodosia Toll Foster. A prolific author in her own right, she was Isabella Alden’s best friend and frequent writing partner.

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Mr. Mackenzie’s Answer

When Marvie Anderson first met Mr. Mackenzie, she thought he was a a saintly man, but she soon learned his daily life was far from consistently Christian.

Raised by her minister father, Marvie thought she knew how to lead a Christian life; but before long she finds herself succumbing to Mr. Mackenzie’s influence, and leaving her own upbringing behind.

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Ripley Parsonage

Book 2 of The Mackenzie series. The Reverend Mr. Anderson works tirelessly for his flock and his community, even if it means butting heads with town leaders.

But his biggest worry is for his daughter, Marvie and her two friends: Delia Mackenzie, the society girl who tries hard to live a Christian life; and Tina Stevens, the quiet infidel who was taught to disbelieve anything related to the Bible.

Can Mr. Anderson’s faith and prayers be strong enough to help the people he loves most?

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The Opportunity Circle

When the Lansing family must move to Colorado for health reasons, Marion is miserable without her friends back in Boston— until she recalls her Sunday school teacher’s parting advice: Be on the lookout for opportunities.

Soon Marion realizes the nearby mining camp has no Sunday school or church services; and there are poor families who lack basic necessities. When she relates her concerns in a letter to her Boston friends, they devise a plan to fulfill every one of Marion’s needs.

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Harold Payne’s Easter

Easy-going, self-indulgent Harold Payne never took anything seriously, including church. But one day, while day-dreaming his way through a sermon, the minister’s words caught his attention: “May our religion put the stamp of Christ upon the things we do.” Despite his efforts to forget them, those words stuck in Harold’s thoughts—and made him realize he had made a little impression of Christ’s imprint upon the world. Was it too late for Harold to change his ways?

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Dr. Deane’s Way

When it comes to managing his family, Dr. Deane firmly believes his way is best. He methodically doles out chores to his children and rules the kitchen by ensuring his wife prepares only the blandest food for their diets. And when two of his children accept Christ as their Saviour, Dr. Deane believes he has the right to interfere with that, too.

But when Dr. Deane’s daughter Lois rebels against his rigid rules, Dr. Deane has no idea what to do. He must seek help from an unexpected source if he is to cure Lois of her hoydenish ways.

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