Grace Livingston Hill Free Reads

Enjoy these free reads by Isabella’s niece, best-selling Christian author Grace Livingston Hill. Just follow the links below to Then, choose whether you want to read the story on your computer, phone, iPad, Kindle, or other electronic device. Or choose the “My Computer” option to read and print the story as a PDF document.

The Livery of Heaven

Mrs. Wallace is proud of her work for the temperance cause, so when she has a chance to host a famous temperance lecturer in her very own home, she jumps at the chance. But little does Mrs. Wallace realize a dark force is using her efforts to harm the very people she loves most.

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Book cover. Winter scene of house with smoke coming from the chimney, surrounded by snow drifts.

A Gingham Patch

This sweet short story is about a minister in need, answered prayers, and the spirit of giving.

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How One Fanatic was Made

A devout Christian, Miss Delia Stebbins attends church regularly and reads her Bible every day. She is righteous and strong in her faith, or so she thinks. But when a less-than-desirable family moves in next door Miss Stebbins realizes God’s words are actually God’s instructions for her daily life. Is it possible she can make up for the years she’s wasted?

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A Journey of Discovery

Lucky Louise! She just received a marriage proposal from Halsey Carstairs, the city’s most eligible bachelor. Louise should feel honored and happy; instead she feels restless and anxious to talk to her old friend Cecilia, who became a bride herself just two years before.

When Louise arrives at Cecilia’s sweet little cottage in the country, she begins to question the path society has plotted for her. Should she accept Halsey’s proposal? Or will she find the strength to follow her heart?

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Beginning at Jerusalem

Ransom Warder and his sister Ruth dream of being missionaries. They’re ready to go out in the world to do some good; but when they meet a stranger in need of help, Ransom and Ruth discover there may be plenty of mission work to be done in their very own neighborhood.

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Hazel Cunningham’s Denial

Hazel Cunningham’s summer vacation at a fashionable resort is a dream come true. With new friends, golf games and other fun activities, she’s busy from morning till night; and soon her busy schedule has no room for Sunday church services and daily Bible readings. Hazel knows she’s gone astray, but she can’t quite find the strength to resist the pressure from her new, fun-loving friends … until God sends an example who can show Hazel the way. 

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