Pansy’s Easter Service

In addition to novels and short stories, Isabella Alden wrote Sunday-school lessons and programs for worship.

In 1895 she wrote a special program for Easter that was carefully crafted so it could be performed by young children, as well as older age groups.

Newspaper clipping: PANSY'S EASTER SERVICE. Superintendents and Teachers should send for a copy of the April "Pansy," now ready. It contains a beautiful Easter Service carefully arranged and prepared for Christian Endeavor societies, Epworth Leagues, King's Daughters, Mission Bands, and Sunday-schools, by Mrs. G. A. [sic] Alden, known to all Sunday-school workers under the familiar name "Pansy." An extra edition of the April "Pansy" has been issued to meet the demand created by this special Easter Service. Copies will be sent, post-paid, on receipt of 10 cents, or in quantities at seventy-five cents per dozen.

Her Easter program included poems to read aloud, beloved old hymns to sing, and portions of Scripture to be memorized and recited.

Newspaper clipping: PAMPLETS. 
Mrs. G. R. Alden has prepared an exercise for Easter, which will appear in the April Pansy, which is issued the middle of March in order to afford ample time for committees to prepare the exercise for Easter Sunday. It is arranged especially for Christian Endeavor and kindred societies, but may be used by Sabbath-schools or other organizations. There are many Easter services, but some of them are too difficult for children, and some are too simple for the older ones. This has been prepared with great care, and the selections for recitation, especially will commend themselves.

Most importantly, the program clearly and simply related the message of Easter: that Christ rose from the dead, bringing eternal life to those who believe in him.

You can read Isabella’s entire Easter service program. Just click here or on the image below.

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