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Isabella Alden was the best-selling Christian author of her day. In her long career she published over 100 books. Her titles were translated into several languages and sold around the world—a remarkable feat during the latter half of the 19th Century! She wrote books for adults and for children, expertly infusing inventive plots with Christian values.

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        Cover_Ester Ried v2 02

Cover_Julia Ried    Cover_The King's Daughter    Cover_Wise and Otherwise

Cover_Echoing and Re-echoing    Cover_Ester Ried Yet Speaking    Cover_Ester Rieds Namesake

Box Set Cover    Cover of 2015 e-book edition of Monteagle    Cover We Twelve Girls

Cover_A New Graft on the Family Tree resized    Cover_Cunning Workmen resized    Cover_Lost on the Trail resized

Cover_Links in Rebecca's Life 2 resized        Cover_Yesterday Framed in Today v3 resized

Cover_Workers Together v2 resized    Cover_From Different Standpoints resized    Cover_Interrupted resized

Cover_The Browns at Mount Hermon resized    Cover_Doris Farrands Vocation resized    Cover_Eighty Seven resized

Cover_Wanted 01    Cover_The Hall in the Grove 02 resized    Cover_As In A Mirror

Cover_Pauline 01    Cover_Jessie Wells resized 2    Cover_Unto the End v3 Resized

Cover_Household Puzzles and The Randolphs v4 resized   Cover_Stephen Mitchell's Journey    Cover_What They Couldn't

Cover_David Ransoms Watch resized    Cover_The Pocket Measure resized    Cover_One Commonplace Day resized

Cover image for Docia's Journal    Cover_Helen Lester resized    Cover_Mara resized

Cover_Missent v2 resized    Cover_The Older Brother v2    Cover_Christies Christmas v1 resized

The Endeavor Books:

Cover_Chrissys Endeavor v3 resized    Cover_Her Associate Members v2 resized

The Bryant Family:

Cover_Miss Dee Dunmore Bryant resized   Cover_Twenty Minutes Late 2 resized

Marjorie’s Story:

Cover Final_Making Fate 02     Cover_Overruled 05

The Remingtons

Cover_Aunt Hannah and Martha and John resized     

The Chautauqua Books:

Cover Box Set books 1-3 Templated      Cover Box Set books 4-6

The Chautauqua Books – Individual Titles:

Cover Final_Ruth Erskine's Crosses   Cover_Judge Burnhams Daughters 300 dpi   Pansy_Ruth Erskines Son 300 dpi