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Harriet Mulford Stone Lothrop was an American author better known by her pseudonym, Margaret Sidney. She primarily wrote children’s books; her “Five Little Pepper” series of stories was beloved by generations of children, and are still read today!

Harriet regularly contributed stories to The Pansy magazine (of which Isabella Alden was the editor), as well as biographies of famous people, articles about science and nature, and descriptions of exotic foreign lands.

She also wrote novels for teens and young adults, many of which began life as serialized stories in The Pansy magazine. You can read some of those novels by following the links below to Then, choose whether you want to read the story on your computer, phone, iPad, Kindle, or other electronic device. Or choose the “My Computer” option to read and print the story as a PDF document.

How Tom and Dorothy Made and Kept a Christian Home

Newlyweds Tom and Dorothy Foster have a bright future, but very little money. They’ve pledged to spend their earnings for God’s good, but each new day brings new temptations. Can they keep the promises they made to God and to each other?

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The Little Red Shop

Tired of seeing their mother struggle to support them, brothers Jack and Cornelius decide to go into business, and open a little shop in the old tool shed behind the house.

At first business is slow, but just as the brothers begin to doubt they will ever make the shop a success, one of the town’s leading citizens takes notice of the boys’ efforts. Soon the brothers have more business than they can handle, and an entirely new set of problems to solve.

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The Old Brimmer Place

The Brimmer family’s adventures continue as their little red shop prospers and thrives.

But when Jack discovers a neighbor’s shameful secret, he, Corny, and Rose can’t agree what to do about it. Should they sacrifice their own future to help their neighbor? Or should they ignore friends in need and simply concentrate of their business?

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How They Went to Europe

Disappointed she cannot go to Europe with her wealthy relatives, Miss Carine Hedge decides to form a club to plan an imaginary trip to Europe. To her surprise, many of her friends are in the same situation: they long to travel abroad, but haven’t the means. Soon, Carine’s club is the most sought-after membership in town; but as she and her friends meet to pore over maps, read guide books, and go through the motions of pretending to plan a trip, Carine can’t help but wonder if her dearest wish might one day become a reality.

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