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Pansies for Thoughts

20 Sep

Yesterday you read a lovely letter Isabella wrote to the students of an elementary school, thanking them for planting a tree in her honor.

Isabella’s writings—her books, stories, letters, and lessons—are filled with quote-worthy lines. Here’s an example from her novel, Tip Lewis and His Lamp:

In the story, The Reverend Mr. Holbrook asked that question of young Tip Lewis to help him realize that his resentment toward another boy was jeopardizing his own standing with God.

It was Isabella’s way of illustrating the Bible verse: “If ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”

That was Isabella’s genius: she had a talent for explaining the Bible in terms anyone—young or old—could understand.

One of the greatest admirers of Isabella’s talent was her niece, Grace Livingston Hill. When Grace was twenty-three years old, she was the newly published author of her first book, A Chautauqua Idyll. And she was ready for her next project.

Grace turned her attention to her Aunt Isabella’s books. She combed through them, selected inspiring quotes, and organized them into a daily devotional, with each quote accompanied by an applicable verse from the Bible.

The result of Grace’s efforts was called Pansies for Thoughts, and it became her second published book.

The original cover for Grace’s 1888 devotional, Pansies for Thoughts.

Isabella wrote a brief Preface for the book, with a prayer that . . .

The Holy Spirit would use these pages in a way to lead some souls daily higher, and higher, even into the “shining light” of the “perfect day.”

Pansies for Thoughts is a wonderful daily devotional, and you can read the book for free! Click here to download the e-book version for your Kindle, Nook, or tablet. Or you can download a PDF version to print or read on your computer.

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1 Oct

Pansy cutoutAre you quite happy as a Christian? Do you find your love growing stronger and your hopes brighter from day to day?

 —from Ester Ried



16 Jan

Pansy 11 editedI know I love the Lord, and I know that He will not destroy me, for I have in my heart the assurance of His promise.

Ruth Erskine’s Crosses


1 Nov

Young man, God is speaking to you; He wants you; wants you today; wants your brains, and your strength, and your influence for Himself. Why do you wait? You know you need Him.

—Judge Burnham’s Daughters

Post 11-01-13 edited


21 Oct

Unknown 01Clearly if she wanted the sun, it was her part to open blinds and draw back curtains; clearly if she wanted mental light, it was her part to use the means that God had placed at her disposal.

—from The Chautauqua Girls at Home


21 Oct

Pansy 03 editedHow many people  have such marked and abiding faith in Christ Jesus, that when we talk of them we say, “I heard that Miss So and So had the most implicit faith in the power of Christ to keep her?” Now wouldn’t that be a strange thing to say?

from Ruth Erskine’s Crosses


7 Oct

Postcard editedIt is blessed to remember that the Maker of hearts understands the language of tears.

from Overruled


21 Sep

Old-BooksWe are almost tired of all sorts of books, but there is one Book which never wears out. What if you and I should begin to study the Bible?

Ruth Erskine’s Crosses

Writer Jenny Berlin

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