The Search by Grace Livingston Hill

Isabella’s niece Grace Livingston Hill kicked off 1919 on a high note.

That was the year Grace’s novel The Search was published as a serial in a popular Christian magazine. The first chapter appeared in the January 1, 1919 issue.

Here’s the announcement the magazine ran the month before to notify readers about the upcoming serial (click on the image to see a larger version).

Although it’s fun to discover Grace’s stories in early newspapers and magazines, it’s even better when they’re accompanied by illustrations by the leading artists of the day.

John Cameron’s eyes met those of Ruth Macdonald. (From chapter 1 of The Search by Grace Livingston Hill.)

Artist William Charles McNulty (whose pieces are included in collections at The Metropolitan Museum of Art) illustrated three scenes from The Search for the magazine.

“I’d like to have you for one of my friends.” (From Chapter 3 of The Search by Grace Livingston Hill)

McNulty’s illustrations add a rich sense of time and place to the story, from the old-fashioned automobile Ruth drove, to the characters’ clothing, and the quiet place John found (in chapter 4) to read Ruth’s letter.

He tore the letter open and a faint whiff of violets floated out to him. (From chapter 4 of The Search by Grace Livingston Hill)

Later that same year, The Search was published in book form by Lippincott, and was well received by Grace’s fans; but the magazine version remains special, because of its illustrations.

If you haven’t read The Search, you’re in luck! You can read the e-book for free on your tablet, phone, Kindle or computer! offers the e-book book at no charge. Just click on the banner below to begin reading:


6 thoughts on “The Search by Grace Livingston Hill

  1. Jenny, et al. This is marvelous! I don’t know HOW you find these things! It’s amazing. I want to share this with friends to whom I have introduced Grace Livingston Hill. I love it that people are still being introduced to Grace (and Isabella) and loving them.

    I’d love to talk with you sometime, Jenny! I know you shared with me some time ago by email some tips about publishing on Kindle. I still plan to do that, starting with a non-fiction book of my own.

    You and your team are part of what God used to “save my life” in a time of deep trial (what seemed like a crucifixion, with back-stabbing betrayals and opposition by seemingly spiritual people). I don’t think they realize it to this day. But during that time in early 2014, when given a 90-day sabbatical to basically be rid of me—I would have been able to enjoy it more if I hadn’t known that!—I downloaded Pansy books 10 at a time and devoured them in bed one after another until I was able to get my spiritual bearings again. I now know that God was in it all. It’s actually an amazing story in itself, and I really have fond thoughts of you because of that.

    It was just so TIMELY! I purchased “The Browns at Mount Hermon” just two days after you published it. It was so delightful keeping them straight and seemed like a book on Christian apologetics in the form of a novel. Everyone’s questions and objections seemed to get answered in one way or another. I got so interested in Mount Hermon that I actually flew out to the 45th Christian Writers’ Conference being held there just over a month later. It gave me hope and a larger vision of what God’s purpose for my life might be. Wow!

    Thanks again!

    “Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the LORD” (Psalm 31:24).


    1. Vicky, I love finding articles and images that help make Grace’s and Isabella’s books come alive. I began reading Grace’s books when I was in high school, but I found Isabella’s books as an adult and, like you, they had a deep influence on me when I needed it most. We really should compare our stories! I’ll email you to set up a time that works. Love in Him, Jenny

  2. I read my first Pansy book back when I was 13. It was my first taste of something wonderful. Since then I read everyone I can find. 🙂 I only started reading GLH a few years ago and haven’t really read many. Thanks for sharing this free one. And I LOVE the illustrations! 🙂

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