A New Free Read: Dr. Deane’s Way

This week’s free read is “Dr. Deane’s Way,” a short story written by “Faye Huntington.” That’s the pen name adopted by Isabella’s dear friend Theodosia Toll Foster.

Isabella first met Theodosia when they were teens at Oneida Seminary in New York. It was Theodosia who launched Isabella’s writing career by secretly submitting one of Isabella’s stories to a writing contest. Isabella didn’t discover what Theodosia had done until she received a letter informing her that her story won first prize in the contest!

In return, Isabella sparked Theodosia’s career as an author. In 1872, Theodosia was 34 years old and pregnant with her second child when her husband James died unexpectedly. With a farm to run, and a toddler and newborn baby to support, Theodosia needed a reliable income. Isabella asked her to collaborate on one of her books, and Theodosia’s career as an author was born.

Isabella and Theodosia wrote more than half a dozen books together, including From Different Standpoints.

Theodosia also wrote Echoing and Re-echoing, book five in Isabella’s Ester Ried series.

Theodosia’s story “Dr. Deane’s Way” was written in 1875. Here’s the description:

When it comes to managing his family, Dr. Deane firmly believes his way is best. He methodically doles out chores to his children and rules the kitchen by ensuring his wife cooks only the blandest food for their diets. And when two of his children accept Christ as their Saviour, Dr. Deane believes he has the right to interfere with that, too.

But when Dr. Deane’s daughter Lois rebels against his rigid rules, Dr. Deane must seek help from an unexpected source if he is to cure Lois of her hoydenish ways.

You can read this story on your phone, ipad, Kindle, or other electronic device.

Or you can read it as a PDF document on your computer screen. You can also print the story to share with friends.

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18 thoughts on “A New Free Read: Dr. Deane’s Way

  1. That was strange. Thank you indeed for posting it. It seems more like a beginning for a cooperative book. So many questions unanswered.

      1. Well I see an opening here for a writer or two… You take the next chapters then Karen Noske the ones after that….

  2. Wait! What happened to the ending??!!?? Is this a serial story? Feels like there’s a bit more to come, especially in light of the mystery minister and fresh-faced Alice! A lovely story, but we want MORE!

  3. Thank you for this story by Faye Huntington. I’ve read Echoing and Re-echoing and enjoyed it very much. She, too, was a gifted writer.

  4. I was so disappointed when I “turned the page” and the story was over! I agree with the person above who said it would be a great story starter. Too bad the father didn’t stay a little longer, but maybe when he will lighten up a bit when his daughter comes back a changed girl.

  5. I looked up Graham flour. I thought it was in between whole wheat and white but apparently not, it seems to be unsifted whole wheat. Bob’s Red Mill has it.

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