New Free Read: The Livery of Heaven

Like everyone in her immediate and extended family, Grace Livingston Hill was a dedicated temperance worker. She was well-educated in the effects alcohol had on individuals and their families.

And because the production and sale of alcohol was unregulated at the time (and often included addictive ingredients such as cocaine, morphine, cannabis, and chloroform), she knew it was not uncommon for people to become addicted to some alcoholic beverages.

She wrote about the harm alcohol caused in a short story titled, “The Livery of Heaven.”

Cover made for "The Livery of Heaven" with the title in dark blue against a blue background. Below it is a framed image of a still-life showing a plate, peaches, and a pitcher. Below the image is a lace border, and below that is the name "Grace Livingston Hill."

Mrs. Wallace is proud of her work in the temperance cause.  Her latest project is raising money to build a play-ground at the Home of Inebriates’ Children. It’s a worthy cause, so when she has a chance to host a famous temperance lecturer in her very own home, she jumps at the chance, certain that his lecture will draw the support and donations she needs.

But little does Mrs. Wallace realize, a dark force is using her efforts to harm the people she loves the most.

At the core of the story is a lesson about the seemingly small and thoughtless ways Christians can cause others to stumble in their daily walk with Christ.

Black and White hand-drawn illustration. At the top is a ribbon banner that stretches across the page with "The Livery of Heaven" in all capital letters. Beneath is a table top on which are jars of peaches, bottles of wine, and cocktail and wine glasses. In the center is a drawing of a man kneeling beside a bed. His arms are resting on top of the bed and his face is buried in his arms.
Magazine illustration for Grace’s story, “The Livery of Heaven.”

After a Christian magazine published the story in 1896, “The Livery of Heaven” set off a bit of a fire storm.

Join us next week to find out how some readers reacted to Grace’s story “The Livery of Heaven.”

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  1. How precious these books are to me…and I’m sure to your other readers as well…Thank you so much from all of us*…

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