New Free Read: The Forman Family’s Sacrifice

Talk about found treasure! This month’s Free Read is The Forman Family’s Sacrifice, a story Isabella wrote as a serial in 1916 for a Christian magazine.

It’s a full-length novel (fifteen chapters in all), but it wasn’t published in book form for eleven years. When Isabella finally published it as a novel in 1927, she gave it a new title: The Fortunate Calamity.

Here’s a brief synopsis:

“Aunt Elsie—coming here!”

Isn’t it enough that the Foreman family has fallen on hard times? They already have to count every penny; must they also take in an elderly aunt none of them remember and who is already making demands before she even arrives on their doorstep?

Of course the Formans will make the necessary sacrifices to do their Christian duty by Aunt Elsie, but that doesn’t mean they have to like it. And if Aunt Elsie happens to overhear their grumblings, maybe she’ll get the message and cut her stay short.

But Aunt Elsie overhears more than the family realizes; and she soon discovers a long-held secret she’s been keeping just might be the key to solving the Forman family’s troubles.

You can read The Forman Family’s Sacrifice for free!

Click here to go to where you can choose the reading option you like best:

  • You can read the story on your computer, phone, iPad, Kindle, or other electronic device. Just choose your preferred format from
  • Or you can choose the “My Computer” option to read a PDF version, which you can also print and share with friends.

2 thoughts on “New Free Read: The Forman Family’s Sacrifice

  1. I’m sooo excited! Thank you for the new treasure! I haven’t had a new full length Pansy book in way too long!

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