New Free Read! Harold Payne’s Easter

Isabella’s friend Theodosia Toll Foster was widely published as a novelist and short-story writer. Under the pen name “Faye Huntington” she wrote for the sole purpose of winning souls for Christ. Her story, “Harold Payne’s Easter” was published in the April 1909 issue of a Christian magazine. 

Easy-going, self-indulgent Harold Payne never took church or anything else in life too seriously. But one day, while day-dreaming his way through a sermon, something the minister said caught his attention: “May our religion put the stamp of Christ upon the things we do.”

For some reason, those words broke through Harold’s indifference and stuck in his thoughts—and left him with the realization he had, at most, only made a faint impression of Christ’s stamp upon the world. Was it too late for Harold to change his ways?

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4 thoughts on “New Free Read! Harold Payne’s Easter

  1. Thank you so much for giving us another Easter treat! Better than a chocolate bunny!! I can’t wait to read this (I’m saving it for my afternoon reading). Blessings, Jenny!

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