Daily Thoughts for May

In 1895 Isabella published a monthly Bible devotional series titled “Daily Thoughts,” which appeared the first day of each month in The Pansy magazine; and we’re reprinting it in 2020!

Isabella’s “Daily Thoughts” for the month of May are from the Old Testament books of Psalms, Isaiah, and Proverbs.

Click here to open a full-size PDF version of Isabella’s “Daily Thoughts” for May, which you can read, print, save, and share with others.

Or, click here to download a simplified Word version.

If you missed “Daily Thoughts” for prior months, you can find them here: January February March April

3 thoughts on “Daily Thoughts for May

  1. Thank you, Jenny for the post and your service to all of us in maintaining this site. May God bless you for your labors!

  2. I am looking for attendees of the Oneida Seminary which I believe my great grandmother attended (Emma Stephens later Emma Stephens Phalen). She was born in 1849 and probably attended in the late 1860s or early 1870s. Are there catalogs or other histories of the Seminary? I believe she may have known Melvil Dewey (of the Dewey Decimal System for libraries) who attended the seminary in 1869. Thank you.

    1. Hello, Don! If you have not yet contacted the Madison County (New York) Historical Society in Oneida, I recommend them as a good place to start. They have school records, newspaper clippings, and other items related to Oneida Seminary. You can find them at http://www.MCHS1900.org. Their records on the seminary are archived, so you will probably have to call ahead to have them pulled in order to view them.

      While you’re on the MCHS website, click on the tab for the Mary King Research Library, which offers a wealth of genealogical information on local families and businesses. If you can’t visit in person, they will perform research for you for a reasonable fee.

      I hope this helps. I wish you good luck with your research! -Jenny

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