Daily Thoughts for April

In 1895 Isabella published a monthly Bible devotional series titled “Daily Thoughts,” which appeared the first day of each month in The Pansy magazine; and we’re reprinting it in 2020!

Isabella’s “Daily Thoughts” for the month of April are from The First Epistle of Paul to the Thessalonians.

Click here to open a full-size PDF version of Isabella’s “Daily Thoughts” for April, which you can read, print, save, and share with others.

Or, click here to download a simplified Word version.

If you missed “Daily Thoughts” for prior months, you can find them here: January February March

4 thoughts on “Daily Thoughts for April

  1. I happened upon an autographed copy of The Fortunate Calamity. Do you have any idea what it would be worth or where I could sell it?

    1. Wow, that’s quite a find, Mary! I’ve seen unsigned copies of The Fortunate Calamity, in very good to near perfect condition with dust jacket, listed for sale at $75 to $100 and more. However, that’s the asking price, so I don’t know what price it actually sells for.

      I regularly shop on ebay.com and AbeBooks.com for copies of Isabella’s books and The Pansy magazine, so those might be places you can list it for sale. Good luck. I hope you find a buyer who will treasure it! -Jenny

  2. I was looking for the Daily Scripture for May from Isabella Alden; is it available to post? I truly enjoy this site and hope all is well with you.

    1. Deborah, thank you for message. We’ve had health issues at my house but, thankfully, things are getting better! In the midst of everything I thought I had scheduled the May Daily Thoughts post, but I somehow missed the step to make it live. I apologize! The post is now up, and I hope you will enjoy the reading Isabella’s daily thoughts for the month. —Jenny

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