A Free Read by Grace Livingston Hill

beginning-at-jerusalem-coverGrace Livingston Hill, Isabella’s niece, is often credited with creating the Christian romance novel, but in her early writing days Grace wrote and published many short stories.

She was just 28 years old when her story, “Beginning at Jerusalem” was published in Home Missionary Monthly magazine in 1893.

Now you can read Grace’s heartwarming story for free. Just click on the book cover to begin reading.

3 thoughts on “A Free Read by Grace Livingston Hill

  1. *Turning cartwheels of joy* Oh, thank you!! More, please! I love to read these short stories on my lunch break as a reminder of a world where God is honored and consulted and praised. Thanks so much!

      1. Oh, yay! I can’t wait to read them! I am literally hoarding one of the Isabella e-books to read on Christmas Day!

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