2 thoughts on “Quotable

  1. Thank you for so this post. In the past two years I have accumulated a vintage copy of almost all of Grace Livingston Hill books, and only a few of Isabella’s. I did manage to purchase a paperback that is new. Slowly I am making my way through all of Isabells, in print or on Kindle. After reading on my Kindle for the past year I just discovered how to bookmark! I just finished Isabella’s When They Couldn’t and was able to notate all the pages that are similar to your post today so that when I need help I can go back not only to my Bible, but Isabella’s writings that help me to want to do and to want to understand. Thank you!

    1. It’s unfortunate that Isabella’s books are getting harder and harder to find. I’m like you, Karen; I get so much comfort and inspiration from her books! Each one is a gem; and that’s why my friends and I are doing our best to make them available to as many readers as we can. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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