New Free Read: Sidney Martin’s Christmas

Image of the cover for Sidney Martin's ChristmasHere’s a charming Christmas short story for boys and girls of all ages.

For the first time in his young life, Sidney Martin must spend Christmas alone in the big city. How he wishes he could see his family and share in their spirit of Christmas! Instead, he must spend the long day alone, doing nothing in particular and mattering to no one.

But an odd circumstance may help Sidney realize that the spirit of Christmas is alive in his heart, after all.

Click on the book cover to begin reading Isabella Alden’s 1879 short story, Sidney Martin’s Christmas.

You can find more Isabella Alden free reads by clicking on the Free Reads tab above.

2 thoughts on “New Free Read: Sidney Martin’s Christmas

  1. Good morning! I tried to click on the books to read them and sadly, nothing happened! Maybe I did something incorrectly? Please let me know. Thank you!
    Eileen Dowd

    1. I’m sorry the links didn’t work for you, Eileen! The earlier free reads we posted should open in a new tab in your browser as an Adobe PDF document. If you have Adobe Reader installed, please check to make sure you don’t have pop-up blockers enabled. Let me know if that helps; if not, I will find a way to get the books to you so you can enjoy them. —Jenny

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