2 thoughts on “Quotable

  1. I think Eighty-Seven is a “perfect” book. I recently finished reading it on my Kindle. All the elements of the story come together so well at the end. It was spiritually challenging to my Christian walk. And it brought out, and answered so well, objections people may have to following Christ or believing the Bible, all in the format of a delightful novel. I believe it’s brilliantly constructed. It is a book I will re-read periodically. What a gift this book was to the Chautauqua class of ’87, the “Pansy” class from which Isabella and her husband graduated, as well as Grace Livingston (Hill) and her father. It was in order to get the funds for her family to go to Chautauqua that particular year that Grace wrote The Chautauqua Idyl, published in 1887. What a family that was! What a legacy they left! I am still being impacted by their outstanding lives and writing to this very day.

    1. Vicky, thank you for your comment. Eighty-Seven is a wonderful story that holds true over one hundred years after it was originally written! It’s arguably one of Isabella Alden’s best works because of its plot, its characters, and the many little gems of truth throughout. Please check back with us; in future posts we’ll be sharing vintage photos of the Chautauqua Institute and more words of wisdom from Eighty-Seven. By the way, if you have a favorite quote from Eighty-Seven, please feel free to share it here!

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