Twenty Minutes Late

Cover_Twenty Minutes Late 2 resizedBook 2 in the Bryant Family Series.

Who could have known that one simple mistake would make such a difference in a young lady’s life! In this sequel to Miss Dee Dunmore Bryant, Caroline Bryant misses a train’s departure by just twenty minutes, and finds herself on an adventure far from home. With no money or even a change of clothes, Caroline is alone in a big city and reliant upon the kindness of strangers. But Caroline’s pride won’t let her accept charity; she’ll repay her new friends in the only way she can: by making herself useful. Soon Caroline’s good sense and hard work catch the attention of a prominent and wealthy physician. Dr. Forsythe has plans for Caroline that—if she accepts—will bring her all the lovely earthly possessions she longs for . . . but will keep her far from home for a very long time.

Caroline Bryant misses her home and family, but the doctor’s offer is too tempting to resist. Which path will Caroline take?

This edition includes group discussion questions, a biography of the author, and an introduction by Christian author Jenny Berlin.

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