The Browns at Mount Hermon

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Mary Brown may have fortune and beauty, but she’s the loneliest heiress in town. She longs for a family and close friends, but she has only her bank account to keep her company. Then she receives an unexpected invitation to spend the summer at Mount Hermon, a Christian camp in California. It doesn’t take long for Mary Brown, the heiress, to realize the misdirected invitation is actually meant for a different Mary Brown—but that doesn’t stop Mary’s imagination from running wild.

Before she can change her mind, Mary is on her way to California, determined to spend her summer living in a tent at Mount Hermon … even if it means she must pretend to be the “other” Mary Brown. It’s a radical change for Mary, and she enjoys every minute of her new life. But is a summer at Mount Hermon the only change Mary needs, or will her soul be made new, as well?

This edition includes discussion questions, a biography of the author, and an introduction to Isabella Alden’s books by Christian author Jenny Berlin.

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2 thoughts on “The Browns at Mount Hermon

    1. Hi, Sharlott! So far I haven’t found a sequel to The Browns at Mount Hermon, but I’m always on the look-out for Isabella’s books. I’ll update you if I find one. Thanks for stopping by. —Jenny

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