Miss Dee Dunmore Bryant

Cover_Miss Dee Dunmore Bryant resizedBook 1 of the Bryant Family Series.

Times are hard at the Bryant home. With Christmas just weeks away, the family is preparing to celebrate without any presents for the Bryant children, including little Daisy. But practical Daisy can weather a Christmas without gifts if she knows that somewhere, a more fortunate little girl got a new doll and named it Daisy Bryant after herself.

Before long, Daisy’s wish is known to the entire town and one act of kindness begets another . . . and another! Soon, Daisy’s home town is alive with the spirit of giving, and the Bryant family is about to have a Christmas they will never forget.

This unabridged version of the 1890 original includes reader group discussion questions, a biography of the author, and an introduction to Isabella Alden’s books by Christian author Jenny Berlin.

The Bryant Family’s story continues in Twenty Minutes Late.

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