Making Fate

Cover Final_Making Fate 02

Ralph Bramlett and Marjorie Edmonds have been best friends and sweethearts since childhood. Of course they’ll be married; why, the entire town expects it! But in the space of one momentous week, Ralph’s life takes a turn. Fate, it seems, is against him as he suffers one setback after another. Marjorie struggles to be understanding and supportive, but when Ralph tries to solve his problems by taking a job that directly conflicts with Marjorie’s moral convictions, she cannot look the other way. And when the entire town begins to gossip about Ralph’s new job, Marjorie knows she must choose between Ralph and her principles. With a broken heart, Marjorie prepares for her first Christmas without Ralph. She’s in special need of a blessing and she’ll receive it from a most unexpected source.

Leonard Maxwell has rented a room in Marjorie’s house for months, quietly observing Marjorie’s tumultuous relationship with Ralph. Leonard is certain Marjorie she can help herself by helping others. Before long, he is taking Marjorie to visit the elderly and help the poor. His Christian witness has an influence on Marjorie. Soon she realizes her heart isn’t dead, after all, but awakening to the promise of an “intimate acquaintance” with Jesus Christ.

Marjorie’s story continues in Overruled.

This edition includes group discussion questions, a biography of the author and an introduction to Isabella Alden’s books by Christian author Jenny Berlin.

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