From Different Standpoints

Cover_From Different Standpoints resizedWhen Perry Harrison thought his life was in danger, he gave his heart to the Lord Jesus. But God had other plans for Perry and his life was miraculously spared.

From Perry’s standpoint, God saved him for a reason. With his beautiful new wife Eleanor by his side, Perry vows to use his fortune and his restored health to make a difference in the world for Christ.

Eunice Taylor has been Perry’s close friend since childhood—so close that he calls her his little sister. And from Eunice’s standpoint, Perry made a horrible mistake by marrying Eleanor Haddington. Eunice desperately wants to make Perry see that the woman he married is not the peerless flower he thinks she is. But is Eunice acting merely out of friendship? Or has jealousy gained a foothold in a once unbreakable friendship?

This unabridged version of the 1878 classic Christian novel includes a biography of the author, group discussion questions, and additional bonus content.

Would you like to view and print group discussion questions for From Different Standpoints? Find them here.

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