Doris Farrand’s Vocation

Cover_Doris Farrands Vocation resizedHow can two walk together except they be agreed?

College student Doris Farrand has her life all planned: She’ll earn her living as a schoolteacher until her boyfriend Richard graduates from seminary school as an ordained minister; then they’ll be married. Their future is so well planned, nothing can go wrong … until Doris receives news that turns her life upside down. Suddenly, she and Richard can’t agree on anything, including the future she once thought was set in stone. The only person who understands Doris’s predicament is fellow student Garrett Randall. As Garrett’s acquaintance with Doris turns to friendship, and she relies more and more on his wise Christian counsel, Doris realizes she has an important choice to make about her future and about the man she will marry.

This unabridged edition of the 1903 classic Christian novel includes group discussion questions, a biography of the author and an introduction to Isabella Alden’s books by Christian author Jenny Berlin.

Would you like to view and print group discussion questions for Doris Farrand’s Vocation? Find them here.

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