Cunning Workmen

Cover_Cunning Workmen resizedCora Parkhurst’s life is filled with parties, dinners, and visits to the theater. No one expects her to make decisions or answer important questions . . . and she quite likes it that way. Why, even the girls who attend her Sunday school class expect nothing from her but a lesson on fashion. And although Cora knows the girls she’s supposed to be teaching aren’t Christians, she never considers for one moment that she could lead them to the Savior.

Handsome Robert Hammond sees Cora’s potential. As the boys’ Sunday school teacher, he’s been working hard to bring his students to Christ; and he’s certain that with a bit of help and the proper focus, Cora can influence her students in the same way.

But Cora Parkhurst is no hypocrite. She knows if she is to introduce her girls to Jesus, she must first set a true Christian example and leave behind the carefree social life she’s been leading. Thanks to Robert’s gentle guidance, Cora can see a glimmer of the Lord’s work waiting to be done. Now she must make a decision: should she continue with her life of pleasure or embrace a life of meaning as one of Christ’s faithful workers?

This unabridged edition of the 1875 classic Christian novel includes a biography of the author and additional bonus content.

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