Aunt Hannah and Martha and John

“I wanted John to be a farmer and work for me, and the Lord wanted him to be a minister and work for Him. Well, I’m glad He had his way and did not let me have mine.”

Hannah Adams raised her nephew John to be a good, Christian man; so when newly-ordained John accepts a job ministering to a congregation only a few miles away, Hannah couldn’t be happier—or prouder.

John Remington begins pastoring at the Belleville church with his new bride, Martha at his side. And what John and Martha lack in experience, they make up for with enthusiasm. In the face of nosy neighbors and church gossips, they’re certain their faith and vigilant prayer will carry them through. But when the congregation misunderstands Aunt Hannah’s act of kindness, their faith will be tested in ways none of them could have imagined.

This unabridged edition of the 1890 classic Christian novel includes a biography of the author, group discussion questions, and additional bonus content.

You can read more about Aunt Hanna and Martha and John; their story continues in John Remington, Martyr.

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