Free Read: Mrs. Raynor’s New Nurse-Maid

This month’s free read is a charming short story from the pen of Isabella’s sister, Marcia Livingston (who also happens to be the mother of author Grace Livingston Hill).

Written in 1886, the story is about the difficulties a young mother faces in trying to find the right person to help care for her baby. And while it’s entertaining, the story also gives us some hints of what it was like to be a middle-class mother in those days, and the many rules women had to live by.

Helen Raynor is in need of a nurse-maid to help care for her precious little newborn. But so far, every nurse she employed proved incompetent or ill-tempered. Poor Helen is near desperation when she suddenly recalls an old family servant who might be perfect for the job. Will Helen be able to convince her husband she has made the right decision?

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