Free Read: Davie’s Witnesses

This month’s Free Read is “Davie’s Witnesses,” a story about a young boy, the 4th of July, and a difficult sacrifice.

It’s the Fourth of July and young Davie Carson wants to attend all the celebrations. He also plans to apply for a coveted job opening at the local book store. But no sooner does Davie arrive in town, than his plans begin to go terribly wrong; and Davie begins to wonder if he has missed the greatest opportunity of his young life.

You can read “Davie’s Witnesses” on your smart phone, iPad, Kindle, computer, or other electronic device.

You can also read it as an Adobe PDF document and print a copy to share with others!

Just click on the book cover to choose your preferred e-book format from and download the story for free!

2 thoughts on “Free Read: Davie’s Witnesses

  1. I have a copy of A NEW GRAFT and it has a red hard back cover. It has a 1893 printing date and a 1880 copyright . I am curious as to the difference in colors of the covers, any information would be appreciated.

    1. Hi, Carol! The different cover designs are associated with different publishers. Isabella’s original publisher was D. Lothrop and Company, of Boston. Their covers were not always one color nor did they feature a consistent cover design. But in later years, Lothrop re-released Isabella’s books with new covers with a pansy flower motif that was clearly recognizable.

      Other publishing houses reprinted her books; in the 1890s George Routledge & Sons published several of her titles with red covers that featured pansies on the cover and a small scroll in the lower right corner that proclaimed them to be part of “The Pansy Books” collections. Almost all the publishers who reprinted her earlier works created a specific “look” for her book covers. Sometimes the covers were green, sometimes blue, sometimes red. I’ve seen a couple rare covers in yellow.

      Her titles were also published in other countries; the publishing company of Ward, Lock, Bowden & Co. of London published her books with red hardback covers, as did The Sunday School Union, and James Nisbet & Co., Limited (also of London).

      I hope that helps, Carol, and provides the info you were looking for. Please let me know if you have other questions. I hope you enjoy the book!

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