New Free Read: The Exact Truth

Cover_The Exact TruthThe Bible is full of golden texts of inspiration and maxims of sound doctrine, but Zephene Hammond thinks they’re just words on a page. Although she considers herself a Christian, she doesn’t think those Bible verses have any real meaning in her life.

So when her Sunday school teacher challenges Zephene to look at the golden texts with fresh eyes, Zephene reluctantly takes up the challenge. Before long, Zeph sees that the Bible really can fit into her daily life and help her become a girl who always tells the exact truth.

This 1890 classic Christian novel was first published as  a serial in The Pansy magazine. Click on the cover to begin reading The Exact Truth now.




2 thoughts on “New Free Read: The Exact Truth

  1. I was reading The Exact Truth, and was really wanting to have it on my Kobo. So I converted the PDF to EPUB. I then came across a couple of typos in the scripture verses that bothered me (graves image instead of graven image, night instead of might) and fixed them. Then, while I was at it, I cleaned up an formatted the whole thing. As far as I can tell, you don’t have it on your website in anything but PDF. Would you like my EPUB and AZW3 formats? I would love for someone other than myself to benefit from my slightly odd hobby of editing ebooks…For that matter, if you think my books suit you, I could help out in the production of books in flowing text formats. I love the books, and I love what you are doing. Let me know if I can help

    1. Christine, thank you for your very kind offer! I’m so glad you’re enjoying these books and want to help make them available to others. In the early days I created all the free reads as PDF files because that’s all I knew how to make; I’ve learned a lot since then! A friend is currently helping me redesign the website so it’s more accessible for readers who are visually impaired. The redesign includes a new Free Reads page that will have e-pub and mobi files in addition to those old PDFs. We should be able to launch the new Free Reads page in about two weeks, and you’ll be able to download ALL of the free stories to your Kobo device. Also, thanks for telling me about the typos (picture me with a red face. Argh!). I’ll be sure to fix them before the new e-book versions go live. I appreciate your feedback, and I hope you enjoy the revamped website! —Jenny

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