2 thoughts on “Missent is now on iBooks

  1. I had noticed this awhile back and purchased it. I think it’s an absolutely delightful story. Not heavy with either issues or trials. I love the banter and the twist at the end. And all the intricate interweaving of circumstances and serendipities that came from the missent postcard. I am staying in California for a month right now (I’m from Indiana) and was able to see Isabella Alden’s home in Palo Alto and take a few photos. It’s so near the Stanford U. campus, where their son Robert was a professor of Shakespeare. He and his wife lived there, too. Each couple lived in a separate wing with shared living area between. Two stories, bay windows. I also visited Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center again. Learned that Isabella actually wrote “The Browns at Mount Hermon” while she was there. She and her husband were among the founders. And that was the book that introduced me to Mount Hermon and the Christian a Writers Conference there last year. Life-changing. Part of God’s plan for me. And all because you posted that book and others right at that time. Now I’m here focusing on completing a writing project Thanks for publishing “Missent.” It’s delightful!

    1. Hello, Vicky! I really liked Missent, too. The part of the story I enjoyed most was when Sarah wondered if she should read the Bible to Mr. Durand at the same time he was wishing she would read the Bible to him. It made me realize how often we encounter people in our lives who are open to God’s message, but we let the opportunity slip by. I’m so glad you’re at Mount Hermon and finishing your writing project. What a blessing!

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