New Free Read: Agatha’s Unknown Way

Image of the cover for Agatha's Unknown WayAgatha Hunter is a determined young lady. She’s willing to brave the dangers of the big city in order to realize her dream of attending a church missionary meeting. Imagine meeting other women with the same blessed zeal, the same divine calling to further Christ’s work in foreign lands! Why, a big, splendid church in town must have hundreds of women working together for the Lord’s cause, and Agatha is certain she will find kindred sprits there.

But Agatha’s resolve is soon put to the test as the missionary meeting falls far short of her expectations; and instead of being kindred spirits, the ladies of the missionary society would rather talk about housekeeping than evangelism. Can Agatha plant a seed for Christ in the hearts of these city people?

Click on the book cover to begin reading Isabella Alden’s 1898 short story, Agatha’s Unknown Way right now!

You can find more free reads by Isabella Alden by clicking on the Free Reads tab above.

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