The Browns at Mount Hermon

Cover_The Browns at Mount Hermon resizedThe Browns at Mount Hermon is now available for Kindle and Nook!

Mary Brown may have fortune and beauty, but she’s the loneliest heiress in town. She longs for a family and close friends, but she has only her bank account to keep her company. Then she receives an unexpected invitation to spend the summer at Mount Hermon, a Christian camp in California. It doesn’t take long for Mary Brown, the heiress, to realize the misdirected invitation is actually meant for a different Mary Brown—but that doesn’t stop Mary’s imagination from running wild.

Before she can change her mind, Mary is on her way to California, determined to spend her summer living in a tent at Mount Hermon … even if it means she must pretend to be the “other” Mary Brown. It’s a radical change for Mary, and she enjoys every minute of her new life. But is a summer at Mount Hermon the only change Mary needs, or will her soul be made new, as well?

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4 thoughts on “The Browns at Mount Hermon

  1. When I saw this post on March 20, I was preparing to leave a reply because I just loved this book and had googled for Mount Hermon campground and found it to have been a real place in 1908 and was still a vibrant Christian conference gounds today, although tents have been replaced by lodges and cabins and a conference center among the redwoods in California. I went to the website again that day just to be sure of the link to put here so people could see this beautiful place. But then I noticed the upcoming Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference in April. It was just at the time when friends had offered to fly me out to California for a visit and we were about to settle on the precise dates. When I saw the schedule and found out that it was just one hour from my friends in Union City, I felt that God wanted me to attend. So here I am in Union City, and will be going out to Mount Hermon this afternoon to check in for this intense five-day conference! When I think that I first read this delightful book after it was published on Kindle on February 13 of this year during a week of deep discouragement when I binged on Isabella Alden books and was strengthened and encouraged by them! God really used the timing of this blog feature to get me where He wanted me to be during a time of great transition in my life. Thank you! I re-read this book last week in light of what I now know about Mount Hermon and was so blessed again. So once again my life has been impacted by my interest in Grace Livingston Hill and her aunt Isabella Alden!

    1. Vicky, thank you for sharing your wonderful story! It’s amazing and humbling to see how God works in our lives.

      Readers, you can learn more about today’s Mount Hermon at On their website you’ll find information about their retreat programs, conference schedules, and worship services.

      1. I had a wonderful time at the Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference! I flew back to Indiana yesterday. I spent some time at the historical center at Mount Hermon and found out a lot more about Isabella. She and her minister husband were very much involved in the founding of Mount Hermon as a Christian campground back in 1906 and were part of the group that chose that site to purchase. The big earthquake of nearby San Fransisco happened within days of the purchase and sent them to their knees, as many who had pledged to give were no longer in a financial position to do so, and some even needed their donations back, which was done. But they believed God and He provided. One year, I discovered, there were 65 people with the last name of Brown attending the summer campground! It is now a year-round facility. I had not expected how mountainous it was. The old Mount Hermon train station is still there and the overgrown railroad tracks. God was honored throughout, and it was a truly spiritual mountain-top experience. The name Mount Hermon was chosen because that was the name of the Mount of Transfiguration in the New Testament.

      2. Isabella Alden would have been glad to know that Mount Hermon’s ministry lives on, and that it still impacts people’s lives and rejuvenates their spiritual walk! She always embedded her personal experiences into every book she wrote. While we know Mount Hermon is a “real place,” it was fun to learn from you that the premise of her book was based on a real event: many people named Brown who spent a summer there at the same time! Thanks for sharing that fun fact; and thanks, too, for sharing your experience at Mount Hermon.

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