Cover_Pauline 01Young, successful attorney Charles Gordon Curtiss is ready to present a lecture to a nearby literary society but arrives one day late!  He may have disappointed the literary society, but the mistake has a silver lining when he meets charming Constance Stuart. It doesn’t take long for Charles to fall head over heels for Constance; but just as they settle into married life, trouble arrives. A young woman named Pauline visits Constance with shocking tales about Charles Curtiss’s past. Suddenly, Constance doesn’t know the man she married and rashly packs her belongings and leaves. But Charles isn’t about to let the woman he loves go that easily. With God’s help, he’ll discover the truth behind Pauline’s mysterious story and bring his beloved Constance home.

This edition includes a biography of the author and an introduction to the author’s works by Christian author Jenny Berlin.

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