Ester Ried, The Complete Series

Boxed set e-book cover for Ester Ried, the Complete Series.

Together for the first time, the complete Ester Ried series. Each book tells the story of Isabella Alden’s most endearing characters as they learn what it means to walk with Christ in their daily lives and discover His plan for their happiness. The set includes:

Ester Ried by Isabella Alden

Ester Ried’s days are spent cooking and cleaning for the people who live at her family’s boarding house. By evening she’s too tired to read her Bible or even offer up a simple prayer before falling into exhausted sleep. Ester hates her life, but she doesn’t know how to make it better … until she receives an invitation to visit her wealthy cousin in the city. Ester jumps at the chance for a little rest and pampering at her cousin’s home, but her visit soon sends Ester on a spiritual journey that will change her life forever.

Julia Ried by Isabella Alden

When the Ried family falls on hard times, young Julia is determined to earn her own living. When Julia takes a job in the city, she falls under the influence of in the charmingly elegant Mrs. Tyndall. Soon Julia finds herself more focused on wearing the right fashions than attending church, and more interested in going to parties than reading her Bible. But God has other plans for Julia; and when trouble strikes, Julia must right her course, and recommit herself to a true Christian life.

The King’s Daughter by Isabella Alden

Miss Dell Bronson was raised in the lap of luxury by her wealthy aunt and uncle, who taught Dell to walk with Christ in her daily life. So when Dell’s father asks her to leave her aunt and uncle behind and live with him in the little town where she was born, she doesn’t hesitate, even though her father’s chosen life could not be more at odds with her own Christian beliefs. Soon Dell’s efforts to do the Lord’s work have the whole town talking, and earn Dell the admiration of an unexpected suitor.

Wise and Otherwise by Isabella Alden

Abbie Ried Sayles is thrilled when her dear friend Dell Bronson arrives for a visit. She’s certain Dell will be a great addition to the Regent Street Church, and a faithful helper to their minister. But Dell and the new minister share a painful past, and once old hurts are resurrected, there’s no telling what sort of mischief they can cause. Soon the entire congregation is in an uproar, as new resentments cause the minister to make one bad decision after another. Can Abbie’s loyal support and Dell’s prayers help their unhappy minister find his way back to the Light of the World?

Echoing and Re-echoing by Faye Huntington

Ralph Ried is a minister with a problem. Despite his earnest prayers and best efforts, he doesn’t think his Sunday sermons make a difference in the lives of his congregation. If only he could reach them! But though he doubts his influence, the small seeds he plants on Sunday mornings soon take root in his congregants’ hearts, and soon bear fruit in ways Ralph never imagined.

Ester Ried Yet Speaking by Isabella Alden

Alfred Ried is all grown up, living in New York City and trying hard to serve the Lord, just as Ester did. But his work at a local mission is discouraging; despite his best efforts he hasn’t influenced one soul for Christ! Enter Flossy Roberts, who is just as anxious as Alfred to work for the Master; but Flossy knows big results often begin with the smallest efforts. Soon Flossy has a plan in place to make Alfred’s work at the mission a success, and to honor Ester’s name in the process.

Ester Ried’s Namesake by Isabella Alden

Esther Ried Randall simply cannot live up to the name her missionary parents gave her. After all, Ester Ried was a Godly woman who inspired others to work for Christ. Although Esther Randall is a Christian, her faith isn’t any help at all in her daily life. But when Esther seizes the chance to strike out on her own and attend college hundreds of miles from home, her Christian beliefs are tested as never before. Is it possible for Esther Randall to learn the same lessons Ester Ried learned years before?

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